You May Think You're Safe, But You Could Still Face Medical Marijuana Dispensary Charges

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Medical marijuana provision centers and dispensaries are illegal under the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act (MMMA), which only allows marijuana to be transferred between a patient and his or her caregiver.

Some counties and municipalities do recognize the value dispensaries provide — which includes accepting overages from caregivers and providing much-needed medicine to patients — and choose not to enforce the prohibition. Just because your county or city does not enforce this part of the MMMA, however, does not mean you are protected from facing criminal charges for operating a dispensary. Make sure you understand your rights.

Experienced In Medical Marijuana Dispensary Defense

Attorney Michael A. McInerney has spent a substantial amount of time learning and understanding the laws that affect medical marijuana provisioning center and dispensary owners and operators throughout Michigan. He knows local regulations and how municipalities police their dispensaries. If you have been charged with violating the MMMA, we have the knowledge and experience to protect you and your operation throughout the process.

Lawyer Michael A. McInerney participated in formulating the State Bar of Michigan's position on medical marijuana. You can rest assured that he understands the laws you are up against.

Carefully Assessing Your Case To Ensure Your Rights Were Not Violated

A major step in the process of challenging criminal charges is determining whether the police or others violated the rights of an accused provisioning center or dispensary owner during their investigation. As we carefully review all aspects of your case, we will determine:

  • Whether the police had a proper warrant to search you or your facility
  • Whether the police violated any other procedures when obtaining evidence against you
  • What the police believe your motive for violating the law was, which can have a major impact on how your case is handled

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