We Defend Against Gang-Related Charges And Work With Youths

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In response to elevated levels of gang violence, Michigan lawmakers passed legislation that greatly enhances the penalties for conviction of gang-related crimes. The Michigan Penal Code defines a gang as an ongoing organization with a minimum of five people that identifies itself by a unifying mark, a formal command structure and defined membership criteria.

The state prosecutes gang crime cases aggressively. If you face charges in a gang-related crime, it is important to work with a lawyer who has experience defending clients against these charges. Attorney Michael A. McInerney has worked extensively on criminal cases involving accusations of gang-related crimes, including assault, drug offenses and armed robbery. He interacts regularly with law enforcement officials from the major case teams who often investigate gang crimes.

It is a smart idea to contact our gang crimes defense attorney even if you or your child has only been questioned by police in relation to gang activity or weapon-related charges. We will protect your rights and communicate with authorities on your behalf. Call 616-259-0862.

Overly Aggressive Policing Can Lead To Wrongful Prosecution

It is important and necessary to keep gang activity in check through aggressive policing. However, in their zeal to keep the upper hand, law enforcement authorities across Michigan sometimes overstep the legal boundaries and prosecute innocent people — often juveniles or young adults whose lives will be seriously derailed if they are convicted.

Mr. McInerney knows that youth who live on the periphery of gang life can be pressured to participate. Sometimes, they can be drawn into a police investigation simply because they witnessed a crime. Successfully defending young men and women in these cases requires a thorough understanding of how the accused can become connected to a gang's activity while not truly participating or being a member of a gang.

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