Understanding The Consequences Of A Robbery Conviction

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A robbery charge carries with it stiff penalties including extensive jail or prison time, probation or serious fines. When your freedom is at risk, the criminal defense attorney you choose to protect it is crucial.

Lawyer Michael A. McInerney has been defending people in the Grand Rapids area against robbery and other serious weapon-related charges for more than three decades. With ample trial experience, he is a strong criminal defense advocate when you need one most.

Protecting You From Severe Penalties

The penalties for robbery can increase based on the way in which the act was carried out. In general, the more force that was used, the more serious the charge will be. If a deadly weapon was used or an individual was injured in the process of the robbery, the charges may be elevated to armed or aggravated robbery. While most robberies are state offenses, robbery of a bank is always a federal offense.

While some attorneys prefer to avoid court at all costs, Michael A. McInerney has extensive trial experience. He thrives in the courtroom and is not afraid to defend you at trial.

We understand the obstacles you are facing if you have been charged with robbery. We also know what it takes to challenge a robbery charge. Some ways we may challenge the charges are:

  • Show that you are innocent by producing an alibi
  • Argue that you were not in control of your actions because of intoxication
  • Argue that you were acting under duress or entrapment

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