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Registered sex offender: people always expect the worst

A recent Amber Alert demonstrated the distrust that surrounds every registered sex offender. A woman was reported missing with her 7-year-old daughter. She was described as acting erratic and potentially suffering from paranoid delusions. She and her daughter were later found safe in Florida, after having travelled from Michigan in the company of a registered sex offender.

The woman had apparently been involved in a child custody dispute with the 7-year-old's father. She placed her cellphone in a bathtub of water and believed she was being tracked. She even tossed her purse alongside the road as she left her home. The registered sex offender was someone she had known for a long time and she asked him to drive her and her daughter to Florida, where her mother lived.

Michigan authorities issued an Amber Alert due to her behavior and the fear she was armed with a handgun. The presence of a registered sex offender likely inflamed matters even further.

Ironically, authorities located the woman by tracking the threesome to Florida by using his cellphone. He returned to Michigan, unaware of the commotion and the Amber Alert. He noted that people always assume the worst because of his registration. He was convicted in 1992 and has been out of prison since 1998. He made a good point, saying, "They don't think, 'Well, he's been out 20 years and he never had no problems.'"

He stated that he did not believe he violated any of the terms of his parole, which is a significant danger for any released sex offender with lifetime registration. By violating any term of parole, he potentially could be sent back to prison.

Such a violation would not need to be a serious re-offense; it could be something as simple as not checking in on schedule or travelling outside of the state. Violation any of these administrative requirements could lead to re-incarceration or another disability being added to his parole.

Source: mlive.com, "Sex offender says he didn't harm 7-year-old girl he drove to Florida," Darcie Moran, May 14, 2016

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