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June 2016 Archives

Michigan State police to begin saliva swab testing of drivers

The Michigan State Police will begin a pilot program of testing for drugged drivers using a saliva test. The program will be operated in five counties by specially trained officers. Critics of the program worry that the test results will be questionable because while it may be able to detect the presence of some drugs such as marijuana, it can't answer the question of impairment. Currently, there is no agreed upon standard for impairment as there is with alcohol.

Man finds girlfriend after she's killed in collision

If you are driving after a few drinks, you might speed or perform other actions that aren't wise, but that doesn't mean you were over the alcohol intoxication limits. If you cause a fatal accident, you're going to be mourning the loss of another person's life and feeling the guilt of that for the foreseeable future. The last thing you should have to face is the loss of your freedom due to accusations of drunk driving or recklessness that didn't take place. Your attorney can help you defend yourself, so you can have a fair trial and fair outcome.

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