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August 2016 Archives

When trust goes

Much of the criminal justice system depends on the trust of the citizens. We have to trust that the police, prosecutors and courts follow the rule of law, use the correct procedure and adhere to the Constitution. We expect police investigations to be genuine and fair and we presume all of the other elements of building a case are done properly.

Former sex offender for sheriff?

Sex offenses are very serious criminal charges. Not only can they lead to jail or prison time, but they often bring the sometimes lifetime burden of registration as a sex offender. Even if you do not have to register, the aftereffects of a conviction can be long-lasting.

Police can now use 'cloned' fingerprints to unlock a cellphone

Police are always searching for more ways to obtain information after a crime has occurred. They may visually search a home or a vehicle for clues, run chemical tests for drugs or ballistic tests on slugs and use a wide variety of other means of gathering information they may find useful for their investigation.

Redemption and return to office after drunk driving arrest

All of us have our good moments and our bad. There is no doubt that we each must work hard not to repeat our mistakes and not to allow our mistakes to define us.That is just what Kevin Green has done. Eight years ago, the former state representative was arrested for drunken driving. Today the Wyoming man is headed back to office, this time as Algoma Township supervisor. 

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