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December 2016 Archives

Michigan changes underage drinking law

For years, many legislatures' knee-jerk response to virtually every issue of public safety was to make whatever the activity was a crime and if it already was a crime, they would increase the penalties. Over the years, as the prison population across the nation and in Michigan has soared, it has become clear that for many activities, their criminal status was not much of a deterrent to the activity.

Don't let the holiday season celebrations get out of hand

The holiday season always means there are lots of opportunities to overdo it with alcohol. From work-related seasonal parties to being invited over to your friends for a small get-together or to watch a bowl game, to family dinners or going out for a big celebration on New Year's Eve, it is easy to let one drink lead to another until you see flashing red lights in your rear-view mirror and are spending some time discussing your driving abilities with a Michigan State Police trooper.

Drunk driving arrests frequent during holiday season in Michigan

From Thanksgiving through New Years' celebrations, Michigan highways are often cluttered with traffic. Police make many traffic stops during this time of year, many of which lead to drunk driving charges against motorists. Just because you have enjoyed a drink or two with friends and family at a holiday celebration does not mean you should be arrested for drunk driving if you get behind the wheel. There are specific laws that govern such matters and being aware of them is the first step toward avoiding alcohol-related problems when traveling.

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