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Corsages, dresses, tuxes and OWI charges?

Besides the weather warming up, there’s another definite indicator that it is spring: girls in prom dresses and boys in tuxes. It’s a special time of year for our teenagers, many of whom prepare for the event months ahead. Parents will likely pay a pretty penny for corsages, dresses, tuxes and limousines, and an unfortunate few may end up having to pay criminal fines if their child is stopped post-party and charged with OWI.

If a driver who is not of legal drinking age is found to have a blood-alcohol concentration of .02 or more, that driver may face OWI charges in our state. If this charge leads to a conviction, it could have a negative impact on your child’s future.

What started as a fun night out with friends quickly turned into a very serious and scary situation for your family. No matter the circumstances surrounding the arrest, there’s no reason to assume that you and your child are out of options. It’s important to remember that this type of conviction could have a very long-term impact, not to mention a hefty price tag.

If your child has been charged with drunk driving, it can be helpful to reach out to an attorney who can calmly explain your options and answer any questions you may have. It can be a really scary time for your child, but having a better understanding of what is at stake and what can possibly be done may help put both you and your child at ease.

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