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Ways to fight DUI charges

Fourth of July weekend is right around the corner, and for many Americans, including those from the Grand Rapids, Michigan, area, this often means time out with family and friends enjoying parades, fireworks and barbeques. As we all know, it's not uncommon to celebrate barbeques with a few adult beverages. Local and state authorities throughout the country are also aware of increases in consumption of alcohol during the holidays, and often take proactive measures to dissuade people from driving under the influence or catch them in the act.

If you have been caught and are facing a driving under the influence charge, you may think that your fate is sealed. It is important to understand, however, that authorities still have to follow proper procedure during your arrest.

There may be situations where a strong criminal defense team can prove that authorities did not act properly during your arrest, which may mean that your case could be dismissed. First is the reason for your initial traffic stop. Police need to have a reasonable suspicion or other valid reason to stop you. Failing to provide a valid reason could be a way out. If, following your stop, you are asked to perform field sobriety tests, and these tests are not properly conducted, you could be able to avoid a conviction.

If you are facing drunk driving charges, you may want to consider whether or not your rights were violated or if proper procedures were followed. Although not always easy to prove, if done properly, it could wind up saving you time in prison, fines and a wealth of other issues that would haunt you for years if you were found guilty.

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