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Drug Charges Archives

Defending against drug charges

A Michigan arrest and conviction for drug charges, even relatively minor offenses, has serious consequences, such as probation, fines and even imprisonment. These can impact employment and other matters. Innocence does not necessarily protect a person who can still face wrongful drug possession charges and these penalties.

Medical marijuana can cost one their job

In Michigan, medical marijuana users recently gained long-awaited legal rights to take advantage of medical remedies, to a certain extent. A person does not face drug charges for legitimately using medical marijuana. However, the law does not protect users from losing their job, even if marijuana is not used at work.

Avoid drug charge tears by being aware of justice tiers

If you are arrested for drug possession in Michigan, chances are the police officer represents a local jurisdiction. Depending on the circumstances of the encounter, however, drug charges eventually brought could expand beyond just possession. They could also come at you from more than one level. Protecting your legal rights may require a strategy that involves defending against the full array of possible actions.

Criminal conduct or someone in need of treatment?

For decades, Michigan law enforcement has viewed drug use as primarily one of criminal conduct, deserving of punishment for violating the law and societal norms. Much of the force of criminal law is based on a rational weighing of costs and benefits. You can rob a bank and enjoy the "profit" of your robbery until you are caught and sentenced to prison. That "cost" outweighs the temporary benefit for most people.

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