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Michigan man face felony drunk driving charge

If you are facing drunk driving charges in Michigan, you may be anxious about what your future holds. Many DUI convictions lead to jail time, hefty fines, alcohol abuse education courses, and other penalties. Under Michigan's high blood alcohol content enhanced penalty law, otherwise known as the "super drunk" driving law, first time offenders with a blood alcohol content of .17 or higher can see harsher penalties than those who have been charged with a standard DUI.

Ways to fight DUI charges

Fourth of July weekend is right around the corner, and for many Americans, including those from the Grand Rapids, Michigan, area, this often means time out with family and friends enjoying parades, fireworks and barbeques. As we all know, it's not uncommon to celebrate barbeques with a few adult beverages. Local and state authorities throughout the country are also aware of increases in consumption of alcohol during the holidays, and often take proactive measures to dissuade people from driving under the influence or catch them in the act.

How are field sobriety tests conducted?

It happens every day throughout the United States, including the Grand Rapids, Michigan, area. After a long day of work, you stop by the local watering hole for a couple drinks with buddies. Or it's Saturday night and it's your friend's birthday, and you'll only have a couple then head home. But when one or two turns out to be more than a few, you run the risk of driving while intoxicated.

A DUI/OWI charge without any a drop to drink?

The arrest of Tiger Woods this week on suspicion of driving under the influence but at the same time having measured 0.00 blood alcohol content (BAC) should serve as a reminder that you can be arrested for driving while impaired, even if the source of the impairment is not alcohol.

Corsages, dresses, tuxes and OWI charges?

Besides the weather warming up, there’s another definite indicator that it is spring: girls in prom dresses and boys in tuxes. It’s a special time of year for our teenagers, many of whom prepare for the event months ahead. Parents will likely pay a pretty penny for corsages, dresses, tuxes and limousines, and an unfortunate few may end up having to pay criminal fines if their child is stopped post-party and charged with OWI.

"No, I’ll keep recording"

A recent case highlights some police behavior that can be a problem in certain situations. A man driving for Uber was stopped for a broken taillight on his vehicle. As the police approached, he began taking video with his cellphone. The police officer ordered him to turn off the camera, stating "Hey, bud, turn that off, okay." The driver politely declined.

Will the legislature's actions reduce recidivism?

Criminal justice reform in on the agenda of the Michigan Legislature again this year. A package of bills has been introduced and received unanimous support in the Senate. The bills are supposed to help save the state some of the $2 billion spent every year by the Department of Corrections, which is the single largest element of the state's budget.

Don't think you need an attorney?

On television, criminal cases are neatly solved by the end of the episode. The police are portrayed as haveing sophisticated technology and clever detectives. You may even believe that if you were arrested, you must be guilty. The reality is often different.

How does 13 DUIs happen?

A man was arrested earlier this month and charged with what could become his 14th drunk driving conviction if he is convicted. Many complain and wonder how is this possible? Because the Michigan legislature says so. The news report states he has not had a valid license since 1983. Some outraged individuals wonder why he has not been sentenced to life in prison since that is the only time he seems to stop driving while intoxicated.

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