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Michigan sweep produces the usual suspects

One of the most burdensome elements of a conviction for a sex offense is the registration requirements for the Michigan sex offender registry. The registry is the result of 20 years of legislation created in the wake of high-profile cases often involving children. The registry was designed to inform residents that an individual convicted of certain sex crimes is living in their vicinity.

No punishment without a law, part 2

In our last post, we were discussing a recent case from Sixth Circuit, where the court found sections of Michigan's Sex Offender Registration Act (SORA) unconstitutional because it violated the U.S. Constitution's prohibition against retroactive punishment. The SORAs have been permitted because they are supposed to be merely administrative and civil and not confer additional punishment on individuals who have already completed their criminal sentences.

No punishment without a law, pt 1

The United States Court of Appeals for The Sixth Circuit, whose jurisdiction includes Michigan released a remarkable opinion that declared amendments to Michigan's Sex Offender Registration Act (SORA). The opinion is remarkable because it found that some amendments to SORA were punitive and not merely administrative.

Former sex offender for sheriff?

Sex offenses are very serious criminal charges. Not only can they lead to jail or prison time, but they often bring the sometimes lifetime burden of registration as a sex offender. Even if you do not have to register, the aftereffects of a conviction can be long-lasting.

Registered sex offender: people always expect the worst

A recent Amber Alert demonstrated the distrust that surrounds every registered sex offender. A woman was reported missing with her 7-year-old daughter. She was described as acting erratic and potentially suffering from paranoid delusions. She and her daughter were later found safe in Florida, after having travelled from Michigan in the company of a registered sex offender.

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