Medical Marijuana And Criminal Charges

The Complex World Of Medical Marijuana And Criminal Charges

Medical marijuana in Michigan is regulated by the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act (MMMA). Although the MMMA allows both patients and caregivers to possess marijuana in multiple forms, it has strict guidelines that allow no room for errors. In fact, if you are accused of violating the MMMA, you will face charges as if you were a normal individual illegally in possession of marijuana — even if you have been approved to use or possess it for medical reasons.

Protecting Your Future And Your Health

At Michael A. McInerney, PLC, in Grand Rapids, we know that there is a lot on the line if you are charged with violating medical marijuana laws. Not only are you facing harsh consequences, which may include jail or prison time, but you may also be denied access to the substance that helps you or your patients manage pain and other symptoms of their medical condition.

In addition to his decades of criminal defense experience, attorney Michael A. McInerney has focused a substantial part of his practice on helping individuals who have been accused of violating the MMMA, including:

  • Patients who use, possess or grow marijuana
  • Caregivers who grow, possess and transfer medical marijuana to patients
  • Medical marijuana dispensaries and provisioning centers, which are presently unlawful under the MMMA
  • Compassion clubs, which provide various services to members

Violations Of The MMMA

The MMMA regulates not only how much marijuana an individual can grow or possess, but it also regulates how marijuana must be kept. Common violations of the MMMA include:

Possessing more plants or usable marijuana than is legal
Failing to grow plants in an enclosed, locked facility that only the patient or caregiver has access to
Improper transfer of marijuana between caregiver and patient, or patient to patient transfers, which are unlawful

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