Personal Injury

Experienced Attorney Counsel After An Unexpected Personal Injury

Injuries and illnesses can happen to any one of us, but in some cases the cause is someone else’s negligence. Even if your injury was an accident, it does not mean you should have to handle the medical and financial burden on your own. Through personal injury claims, you can pursue compensation for what you have suffered so you can re-establish your financial footing and begin to rebuild your life.

An Attorney Who Cares About Your Recovery

At the law office of Michael A. McInerney, PLC, in Grand Rapids, Michigan, we help people through some of the most difficult and unexpected situations of their lives. Our personal injury practice encompasses a wide range of accident and exposure cases. Contact our office for help with:

  • Auto accidents that involve car crashes, trucks, commercial vehicles, recreational vehicles, bicycles, pedestrians, etc.
  • Premises liability claims related to broken walkways, poor lighting, slippery surfaces, negligent snow/ice removal, broken handrails, negligent security (broken locks), lack of caution signage, etc.
  • Product defect claims related to auto parts, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and consumer products that lack proper warnings or descriptions
  • Dog bites and other animal attacks
  • Wrongful death claims that result when you have lost a loved one to fatal injuries

Why Personal Injury Claims And Lawsuits Are Often Necessary

After an accident, one might assume the at-fault party and his or her insurance company will willingly offer assistance for recovery. It may be clear to you that this is the right thing to do, but insurance is like any other business. Insurance companies will only pay out what they are legally obligated to pay, and policy language is often designed to blur the lines of what is necessary and what is negotiable.

If you were in an auto accident or are struggling with another kind of claim, you are well-advised to speak with a personal injury lawyer. Michael A. McInerney can employ skills in investigation, negotiation and litigation to help address the full scope of your needs. He will ensure every detail about your car crash or other accident is uncovered and presented thoroughly so you get help for medical bills, lost wages, lost income from being unable to return to work, etc.

Focus on your recovery. Let our firm do the heavy lifting for you. We can advocate for you and your loved ones every step of the way. Contact us today via email, or call 616-776-0200 to set up an appointment.

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